About Us

Ashby’s is a full service Business Advisory and Chartered Accountancy firm based in Cwmbran, South Wales. The guiding principle is that we are here to work with our clients in a wider sense than simply be the people who “do the books” after the business year has finished. The future is where a difference can be made – the past has happened and can not be changed.

It was formed by Brian Hogg in 1995 when he set up on his own after working as a partner in another larger practice in the area and since then the business has grown to comprise seven staff, three of which are fully qualified accountants.

The business supports clients in all stages of business development from pre and early start-up through to sustainability and growth. Our expertise covers all sectors particularly Small to Medium sized Enterprises and Charities and Social Enterprises.

If you feel that the Ashby’s approach is right for you then feel free to contact us for a no obligations discussion on what we can do to help.