Charities and Social Enterprise

Charities and Social Enterprises are an increasingly important part of today’s society, as the number of charitable concerns is forever increasing. The move to make charities more “businesslike” has seen a growth in aspirations towards Social Enterprise.  Running a business is hard but as a Social Enterprise there is the added burden of balancing that ‘Triple Bottom Line’.

Changes faced by Charities and Social Enterprises including the Charities Act 2011, the Charity Incorporated structure and increased requirements of funders mean more time is spent on compliance and which takes time away from the delivery of social objectives.

Our charity specialists are able to provide:

  • Advice on appropriate legal structures.
  • Advice on compliance with Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) 2014 requirements.
  • Advice on gift aid and reclaiming of tax.
  • Advice on VAT issues.
  • Support for monitoring and evaluation for funders.
  • Support for grant applications.
  • Support for Sustainability and development of Social Enterprise.

With the continual developments in the regulatory environment, we aim to guide and support trustees and charity administrators through the maze of accounting and other legislation, leaving you with more time to develop your organisation and achieve your objectives.